I own and operate a Retriever Training Kennel (HighMark Retrievers) and operate a Guide Service during Waterfowl Season here in Mississippi.

This past May I hosted a training day here at my kennel, Terry attended bringing Buddy and Annie. I was so impressed with their prey drive and temperment, I decided to purchase a pup from this breeding.

My pup Teal is extremely well socialized and I cannot express how happy I am with the introduction that Terry has done with these puppies to ducks, pigeons and bumpers. I highly recommend this litter to anyone looking for there next Retriever. Either for the duck blind or as in my case my next Competitive dog. Feel free to contact me if I can be of help or answer questions.

Marty Newport
HighMark Retrievers
Hernando, Mississippi
662-449-0904 H
901-493-7267 C

Hi there,
I wanted to give you and your wife an update on our precious 6 month old female Chesapeake.  As you can see we registered our little girl (AKC and UKC) under the name Annie Oakley's Precious Penny. She goes by Penny and has become such a wonderful part of the family.

chesapeakebay puppies
For starters she loves to mess with our cat. She pounces and plays and the cat hisses and runs....hahaha. And please don't tell Penny she can't play in the water. She swims for hours when we go to the sandbar on the river, has a plastic pool in the backyard that she dives into and splashes around in all hours of the day and night, tries to  eat the ran and loves playing with the water hose.
And a retriever she definitely is. When we go to the bayou or river to work with her she will fetch dummies as long as you will let her. There is no quit in this girl. For example, When she was just 3.5 months Jason was working her in the bayou and when she jumped in the water a stray dog came from the other bank and snatched the dummy. Jason had to get another dummy to throw for her to find before she would come out of the bayou. She is since getting the commands better and will come back without a "bird" but she sure doesn't like it when this happens.
I finally captured a picture worth sending. One was taken on the sandbar on the Red River. She was watching another dog work and was slightly jealous :)  The other two were her hanging out with her Daddy!!!
I will send more pictures as soon as I can get some more that are not all blurry.
Hope you enjoy!!!
chesapeakebay puppieschesapeakebay puppies



Submitted by: Sam Hanson on Aug 17, 2011

I bought a pup from Terry back in February of 2011 she is VERY smart, willing, has a great nose and a great temperament. She is great with my year old daughter! She is a AWSOME dog. I am very pleased with my experience with Brousseau Retrievers and would recommend them any time.

Sam Hanson
Sheyenne North Dakota